CrossFit Level I
CrossFit Level II
Olympic ABC Certification
6 years of CrossFit experience

Luke Strohl (Owner)

Luke is 26 years old and originally from Arkansas. He has lived in Columbus, MS 10 years.

Prior to CrossFit:

Luke had an extensive background in different training methodologies.  High school football, running distance and competing in 5ks in multiple states, P90X 3 times, gymnastics, and training under a strength and conditioning coach from Mississippi State University with a focus on sprint training. Luke has competed in open track meets at MSU.

After starting CrossFit:

Luke has attended seminars led by CrossFit Games athletes, Elijah Muhammad and Wes Piatt, and Olympic athletes, Justin Thacker and Michael Cohen. He has 6 total years of CrossFit experience, along with being a part of 2 successful gym start-ups.

“Pride brings a person low, but the lowly in spirit gain honor.” Proverbs 29:23

Favorite WOD: Hotshots 19
Favorite Movement: Muscle-Up


CrossFit Level I
Associates of Science in Nursing (RN)
3 years of CrossFit experience

Brittany Strohl (Owner)

Brittany is 23 years old and has been doing CrossFit for 3 years. She originally started her fitness journey in your typical “Globo gym.” The first time she walked into a CrossFit gym, she was hooked.  She and her husband, Luke, purchased their first CrossFit gym together in April 2017.

Brittany has an Associates Degree in Nursing and worked as an RN in a Critical Care Step-Down Unit at the local hospital. She took time off from her job after she got pregnant and delivered her son, Baylor. She plans to return to work when he turns 1 year old.

“I have really been able to connect with mothers, since becoming one myself.” Brittany says. She trained throughout her entire pregnancy up until the day before she delivered. She also returned to CrossFit just 3 weeks after having a C-Section. Brittany obtained her L1 in Cookeville, TN at CrossFit Mayhem in December 2016. She has a passion for people and their health. She enjoys anything fitness related and spending time with her family.

Favorite Wod: Annie
Favorite Movement: Hang Clean


CrossFit L1
CrossFit Level I
CrossFit Level II
Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology with a concentration in Health and Fitness
4 years of personal training experience
5 years of CrossFit experience

Jamie Adams

Jamie is 28 years old and has been doing CrossFit for 5 years. He built his fitness and athletic foundation through high school sports. In college, however, finishing his Bachelor’s Degree in Health and Kinesiology is when he was introduced to CrossFit. Love at first sight.

“CrossFit just made sense to me.” Jamie explains. “It taches movements that you can take and apply to real life settings. These functional movements are for any age group and fitness level.”

Once he began to notice the progressions and results people were getting, he knew he had to be apart of teaching CrossFit. With a passion in helping others, he passed his L1 certification and began coaching CrossFit classes along with personal training. Jamie has recently obtained his CrossFit L2 certification. Jamie says, “My passion has been to improve people’s energy levels, mood, body composition, and overall quality of life through CrossFit.”

Favorite WOD: Amanda
Favorite Movement: Muscle Up


CrossFit L1
6 years CrossFit experience

Jack O’Connor

Jack has always had a sports and fitness background, in and out of traditional gyms. In December 2012, Jack was introduced to CrossFit by a group of guys he worked with and was hooked. “Strength, Power, and Functional Movements transfer perfectly with the real world responsibilities at the firehouse.” Jack explains.

He joined his first CrossFit affiliate at the beginning of 2013. After getting his CrossFit L1 Certification, Jack has been “arms wide open” in sharing his knowledge and experience with every athlete that walks through the door.

Jack says, “As a 16-year firefighter, our mission statement has always been 3 simple words, “We Help People”—a passion I uphold inside the gym. Now, my passion in life is to share my enthusiasm for a healthy and fulfilling life with as  many people as possible. In addition to work and training, my biggest inspiration is spending with my wife, Christina and daughter, Brooklyn.

“You don’t have to be great to start, you have to start to be great.”

Favorite WOD: Too many to choose from
Favorite Movement: Headstand Push-Up


CrossFit Level I
CrossFit Level II
USAW Sport Performance Coach
3 ½ years of CrossFit experience

<h2>Ryan Young</h2>
Ryan’s journey into CrossFit started while playing tennis in college. He was fascinated in the methodology and began incorporating it into his training program. After his tennis career ended, he decided to join a local CrossFit gym. At first, CrossFit was simply an outlet for his competitive nature, but it quickly became so much more.

A year after starting CrossFit, Ryan decided to obtain his Level 1 certificate and begin coaching. In May of 2017, He graduated from Mississippi State University with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. In September of 2017, he obtained his Level II Certificate. He is currently pursuing his Master’s Degree in Sport Coaching.

Favorite WOD: Diane
Favorite Movement: Snatch or Pull-up

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