Ashley Scheel

Ashley Scheel


  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)


Ashley has been doing CrossFit for 11 years and has coached on and off throughout her time in the industry. After moving to Columbus and working out at Steel Monkey CrossFit, she decided she wanted to get back into coaching and hasn’t looked back!

Ashley proves that the impact of CrossFit on people’s lives runs deep. She stated that “CrossFit has saved my life in some aspects. I couldn’t run a 400m without stopping or lift a 35# barbell when I got to my first gym 11 years ago. The people I have met in the gym have been an integral part of changing my life in many ways.” Ashley’s story and her fitness in the gym now is an inspiration to new members just starting out.

Ashley never misses an opportunity to work on her skills in the gym and stated that “I love that CrossFit doesn’t have a “finish line,” and there is always something to be working toward.” She is deeply drawn to the strong community that CrossFit offers and appreciates that it brings together like minded people who build each other up.

As a coach, Ashley enjoys being able to help people accomplish things that they never thought were possible and be a driving force in building people up. 

Fun Fact: Ashley is a couples therapist when she’s not coaching at Steel Monkey CrossFit.

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