Ethan Earnest

Ethan Earnest


  • CrossFit Level 2 Trainer (CF-L2)


Ethan has been a key part of the Steel Monkey CrossFit family for over 7 years. Throughout his time doing CrossFit, Ethan has seen improvements in his quality of life and fitness, but has also gained a community that he considers family. Ethan stated that “CrossFit changed every aspect of my life: Fitness, Faith and Family.”

Ethan really appreciates the inclusivity of CrossFit. It works for everyone and can be scaled for anyone. He believes that CrossFit brings together a community of accountability while providing a platform for fitness to be measured. 

Ethan loves being able to share the impact of CrossFit with others through coaching and finds it extremely rewarding to help people reach their goals. He especially enjoys teaching members that they are more capable than they think they are. Ethan is extremely passionate about coaching and stated “I don’t know of any more gratifying work than to be involved with people as they are progressing to reach their goals.” 

Fun Fact: Ethan enjoys playing guitar and singing.

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